Sunday, 9 September 2007

Alex Jones arrested in NYC

As yet there are few details, but it seems America's slide into tyranny has been underlined with the arrest of Alex Jones, hauled off possibly for using a bullhorn during a protest outside the offices of Fox "News", one of many events marking the sixth anniversary of the murderous attacks of 9-11.

Alex Jones is a hero, though he would dismiss such praise and instead exhorts us all to be leaders in this struggle against the global crime syndicate. NYPD - THE WORLD IS WATCHING! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ALEX AND OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!


aDM said...

sorry..but who he is. is he behind the 9/11 truth campaign?

Trooper Thompson said...

Not so much behind ... as in front. In fact he predicted the attack some months before it happened. Download his radio show for free on itunes, or watch his films on Google, or follow the links to, or Prison, to get a taste of the valient Mr Jones.

alison said...

I googled him as his name crops up every now and again but thanks i needed a quick why was he banned from the rally? he didnt look violent to me.

Trooper Thompson said...

For the anniversary weekend, there were a number of street protests organised. When the protestors heard that Fox News were doing an outside broadcast, they trooped along and started demonstrating. Someone handed Alex a bullhorn, and it was supposedly because of this that cops moved in and grabbed him, as this infringed some rule or other. So he was hauled off and stuck in a shit-strewn cell for 2 hours, during which time a large protest built up outside the police station, and they decided to let him go.

He was previewing his new film in NYC, "Endgame". For an idea of his views, "Terror storm" may be the place to start, which was his last documentary. A lot of his films are available on Google.

Anonymous said...

Newscorp is the only thing that is on your side with the EU btw. their business IS America. It wouldnt surprise me if we ended up out of the EU and in bed with the americans with all the same ribbons and bows as the EU has. By the sounds of their street protesting regs i cant see how that is any better. I really dont think there is much we can ever do, Trooper. I mean that most sincerely.

Trooper Thompson said...

I disagree that Newscorp is the only thing on our side in the campaign for a referendum, my support for which is not influenced by what "the Sun says." Still, I don't doubt the power Newscorp wield.

Newscorp are on whatever side Murdoch tells them. Perhaps as an Australian by birth and now an American citizen he would rather see some kind of Anglo-sphere develop as a power block. Who can say? In any case, if you're in the trenches and someone offers you bullets, you take them, even if they're giving them for their own reasons and not because they share your war aim.

If the EU was no more than a common market, then Britain's position would not be in question, but as the EU moves towards the status of global power block, we will be caught with one leg on dry land and the other on a drifting boat. The military aspect is where this is clearly seen. British forces cannot both be subsumed into an EU force and continue to be independently allied to the USA.

As long as the world continues on the path to the globalist promised land, it makes little difference if we are part of the US block or the EU block. In this respect we are chips on the poker table and no more.

As Jim Morrison sang:

"they've got the guns, but we've got the numbers."

- sleeping though they be.

Whatever we can do, it is still important to stand up for the things that matter - truth, love and freedom for instance.

Tribulations may indeed come (when have there not been hard times? Could we complain to our grandparents' generation of our troubles? They may sympathise, if only because life was simpler then than now, and the choices were also simpler), but come what may, I will not bow and worship the beast. This much is clear to me.

Anonymous said...

That was me btw - sorry for the anon

Right. well, Im really stuck now. the EU represents a certain amount of freedom - a LOT of freedom. To go start growing olives and stuff. My dream. But i get what you are saying. Im well aware i can mark out the dots - im choosing not to join the lines for a reason. But i like what you say. I love what you say.

Re Newscorp (the Wapping Liar) i didnt mean you RC. I know you are smart. Im talking about the average Joe. I just dont want to lurch from one superstate to another - especially when i prefer the former but admire the latter.

Anyway im not in a great mood right now, sorry. i spent the whole evening trapped as usual with many many gay men whilst England were playing Russia. Theyre all nice people, im not saying they arent. Its just they dont get football. Anyway cheers - thank f we won.

*that sounds bad - but this industry is nuts. i hope you get what i mean!

Trooper Thompson said...

lol! Sounds like you needed a few Sun readers on hand! A class performance from the boys. Great to see Owen enjoying himself.

Richard said...

Alex is the man !