Saturday, 8 September 2007

Crooked Commissar warns against democracy

As most will recall, Peter Mandelson gave up UK politics when he was forced to resign for the second time, and was then sent to fill his boots in a shadowy Brussels-based organisation, known as "the Commission."

In response to the growing demands for a referendum in England, he has crawled out from under the rock where he usually resides during the hours of daylight, to threaten the political class to toe the line. Debate is poisonous, he says, debate is past.

Roland Rudd from something called "Business for New Europe" joins in: "Don't be fooled, Britain could only lose from a referendum on the EU reform treaty."

Oh really? Notice how this little devil doesn't even consider that the people could vote "yes" to their infernal treaty. Notice how they both recognise the threat that democratic participation represents to their plans. Don't let them win!

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