Friday, 28 September 2007

What a complete Titley

Gary Titley is apparently an MEP for the Labour Party (but who can be sure?) He proclaims that "the debate must end" over the referendum that Labour promised in their manifesto and has now stolen. He expects us all to forget what we read in that document, and to shut our mouths and trust our illustrious leader Gordon Brown to get the best deal for us. "The truth is this," he says, "the battle over the reform treaty is a battle being fought against the neo-conservatives on the right."

That's right, neo-conservatives like Bob Crow of the RMT, and the rest of the unions at the TUC conference who voted to urge this lying government to honour it's promise. Titley knows that if the people ever get a choice, his free-loading porkbarrel lifestyle will come shuddering to an end.

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