Sunday, 18 November 2007

Papers, please

In another step towards the Total Control Grid, our illegitimate masters are imposing internal passports upon us. As with the usual modus operandi, they plan to start in a small way, with travel between the Mainland and Northern Ireland, before extending it to all forms of transport. Parliament will not be consulted, as the plan will be implemented with a 'statutory instrument.'

According to Tony Bunyan, of civil liberties organisation Statewatch: "The Government is using the fear of terrorism to build up an apparatus of far-ranging social control that allows them to build up a complete picture of our lives."

Exactly. These people are fascist scum. They have no conception of the principle of individual liberty or of limiting the power of the state. They will not stop by themselves. We must stop them.


Nero said...

I love the headlines you come up with, along with the pictures they're cracking.

I forgot to fully commend you for that Joe Stalin birth ceremony one.

Total Control Grid is too true and all. You ought to read Sean Gabb's book Cultural Revolution, he reckons given the opportunity, we ought to bung all the records of us in a trash compactor.

I wouldn't go that far, but then again I wouldn't stop him either.

Trooper Thompson said...

Thanks for the compliment.

I have read Sean Gabb's book, and I like the idea of trashing all the records, reminds me of the Peasants Revolt burning down the buildings holding the tax records. Also by shutting down all the agencies and selling the buildings, the state couldn't put it all back together again without a whole lot of trouble.