Thursday, 15 November 2007

Minister protects 'red lines'

The Government likes to talk about it's 'red lines' - imaginary areas that it guards valiantly from the encroaching EU superstate, whilst tranferring all the real decision-making ability to EU institutions. One of those red lines is the military, so it's interesting to see the vile David Miliband giving a speech about the need for the EU to be a military block.

According to the Guardian: He will argue the EU faces a choice. It can "focus on internal not external challenges; institutions rather than ideals. Face losing our hard power by not being prepared to intervene".

These interventions would guard against: A risk that instead of European rules shaping the world, "we return to power politics and an age of disorder".

Furthermore: He will say that while nation states are too small to influence worldwide issues, and global governance is too weak, the EU is big enough to meet the new threats.

It's clear from these statements that the future EU is not intended to be a mere economic power but a military one, which is what the pro-independence movement has been telling y'all for a long time, and our political class continue to deny even as they confirm it in such speeches as Miliband's today.

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