Friday, 2 November 2007

State Birth Ceremony: artist's impression

Labour's out-riders at the Institute of Public Policy Research have produced a report calling for various abominations, such as 'birth ceremonies', where the state and parents agree to 'work in partnership' to bring up children.

I find it hard to imagine anything more chilling. For years, the state has been trying to get hold of children earlier and earlier. With this in place, where will they go next? Do they want to oversee the conception as well, to make sure no 'health and safety' rules are infringed?

If this doesn't start ringing alarm bells in your head, check your pulse - you may be clinically dead.


Nero said...

When I drag up knowledge of history into the shaky cyber-space of my RAM whilst considering ideas like that, the computational result is quite interesting.

It reads: -Here We F------g Go-


Trooper Thompson said...


I take it you mean that it seems we're being led down a familiar path, which I'd say is indeed the case.

The hegelian state is looming above us, quite eager to fill the gap left by the retreat of religion.