Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The EU: fighting for the rights of Monsanto

The one argument I deploy more than any other against the Beast of Brussels is that it spells the end of democracy, by replacing democratically-
accountable politicians with Prussian-style managers – faceless, soulless bureaucrats meeting behind closed doors. The retort this often invites is to point out that our system is hardly democratic (rather than to defend the indefensible). I agree, which is why we must fight for democracy here and now.

And not just us. It seems Poland has fallen foul of the Commission's lawyers, as it seeks to defend its people from the dangers of genetically-modified trash. According to the blood-suckers, as the Polish government hasn't come up with cast-iron scientific reasons for stopping such imports, "the Commission therefore considers that the national provisions notified cannot be approved." After being dominated for so long by the Soviet Union, you'd think such high-handed dismissiveness would stick in the craw, and so hopefully our Polish brethren will stick to their guns and not allow their sovereign rights to be overridden by multinational monopolists like Monsanto.

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