Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Neither Liberal nor Democratic

Via The Devil's Kitchen, I stumbled into a Lib Dem blog discussion on Ed Davey's (their foreign affairs spokesman) stated position on why his party are betraying their commit- ment to hold a referendum. Like the Government position it rests on the premise - destroyed by almost every European politician who's commented on the issue, including Giscard d’Estaing WHO WROTE THE FUCKING THING - namely, that although the contents of the Constitution and those of the 'amending treaty' are almost exactly the same, they're in some esoteric way completely different. As my great grandfather used to say (I'm told) "I can see through a brick wall as far as most people". In other words, bollocks.

Mr Davey tells us: "T
he DNA of mice and human beings is 90 per cent. the same—it is just that the remaining 10 per cent is quite important." True? Perhaps. Relevant? Not really. Applicable? Not in the least. At issue is what the treaty will do. Lead is not the same as nickel, but, Mr Davey, when crafted into a bullet and fired into your brain at point-blank range, the effect is much the same. Let me know if you need a demonstration.


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