Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Guns don't kill people, prozac kills people

The recent shooting incident in NIU fits the pattern. Firstly the shooter was on psychotropic drugs. Secondly he chose a place where citizens are forbidden to carry guns, thereby ensuring a higher body count than otherwise would be the case, such as recently in Colorado Springs, when an ordinary woman shot down a gunman who had burst into her church. Whatever the gun-grabbers say, without that woman, a lot more of the thousand rounds of ammunition he was carrying would have ended up being dug out of corpses.

The efforts of the anti-gun lobby are ceaseless. Whenever one piece of unconstitutional legislation is approved the next piece steps up, therefore there can be no appeasement, no compromise. Soon the Supreme Court is to make a ruling on Washington DC's gun laws, and is widely feared to hand down an Orwellian verdict along the lines of: “Sure, citizens have a right to own guns... but the government can restrict this right.” The judas goats of the NRA will proclaim victory, the media will likewise claim the 2nd Amendment has been upheld, and the DC authorities will continue to ensure that ordinary citizens are denied the right to defend themselves in the crime capital of the USA.

The problem for the state in America comes from the clarity of thought and intention of those victorious rebels who founded the nation. They knew very well the threat to liberty that the state represented, and that an armed population was the best and final guarantor of that liberty.

With all the flurry of arguments provoked by the latest shooting, not enough attention has been paid to the role paid by psychotropic drugs, now prescribed to a staggering 15% of Americans. These drugs are known to cause psychotic behaviour, and they are linked to virtually every incident like the shooting at NIU, which have become almost commonplace since drug companies started handing them out like smarties. As ever, the pharmaceutical companies have too much to lose by coming clean about the risks connected with these drugs, and as they are supposed to address mental illness, they can always blame problems on the patient's condition. This is not to deny that many people find themselves on these drugs due to real mental illness, but often it seems that these drugs deal with the original illness, like a loan-shark helps you pay off debts.

(pic: Gun Owners of America)

(Hat tip: prison planet)

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