Monday, 18 February 2008

Stop me if you've heard this one before

A month ago with much wringing of hands British Gas told its customers that, unfortunately, it was going to have to put its prices up. The decision was followed by other suppliers taking similar actions, thereby revealing the supposed free market as little more than a rigged cartel. This week Centrica, who own British Gas, will issue its full-year results for 2007 and is expected to announce record profits.

State-controlled monopolies are not perfect by any means, but handing control from the state to the corporations does not correct the imperfections and indeed adds many more.



aDM said...

Nice one

Trooper Thompson said...

Glad you agree with me sometimes!

aDM said...

About 90% of the time Trooper :)

The thing about you me and the EU is this. My dad worked his arse off so he could retire to France. Not because they are rich. But because he worked hard and wanted to go there. Unlike most people they don't spend half the year here and half the year in the UK so they tax evade. They sold up everthing and made a go of it. The EU made that easier, it gave us healthcare which my dad badly needs. And in exchange we get hard workers in this City of ours.

I do NOT agree with it all. Or the direction its taking.

But to me the overall concept represents more freedom. That's all, really. I know i'm naive but ...that's how it is.

Trooper Thompson said...

"I do NOT agree with it all. Or the direction its taking"

Well, that's the deal - all or nothing. Many people, like the blogger Nosemonkey, say much the same. But the direction is the problem, and that ain't gonna change, nor has it changed since the Treaty of Rome. Only in this country is there an elaborate attempt to avoid the issue. Elsewhere people are quite prepared to accept the destination is a unified state.

I understand the advantages you mention with regard to moving around, but leaving the EU - and I know I'm battling the perception - would not mean cutting all ties with the Continent. Bipartisan, reciprocal arrangements could easily be put in place with France etc. Prior to becoming part of the EU, it was nonetheless possible to settle in places like France and vice versa.

I believe the advantages of membership, such as they are, could be maintained outside the EU.