Friday, 1 February 2008

Social worker ogres paid commission to snatch babies

The child-snatching rings of the 'Social Services' eugenics cult are busy as ever, abducting the babies of young women least able to defend themselves and their offspring. Since Blair, these monsters are paid a 'scalp fee' for every child they took. They have targets to meet. Thwarted by the High Court, they didn't dwell, knowing as they do that they can call on the power of the orwellian state to support their evil designs.

According to the Mail editorial:

“It seems inconceivable that such things could happen in a modern civilised country...two hours after giving birth, the young mother was lying in her hospital bed when officials from Nottingham social services snatched her baby away.”

Only if you don't know the history of the 'social worker' movement. Stealing babies from poor women has always been a priority, even more so since forced sterilisation became less acceptable. But they need the cloak of secrecy - like all evil-doers they hate the light. The only hope is that decent people will rouse themselves to stop this despicable organisation.


Anonymous said...

He he, I've got a little personal experience tale to tell about Nottinghamshire Social Services, but it's still in the pipeline.

I dare say they'll try to rubbish it, but time will tell. Goes back to my time in an 'children's home' about ten years ago when my Mum had some serious thyroid problems.

And, I think, I'm going to name names.

Trooper Thompson said...

Sorry, Nero, a bit tardy in responding. I'm sure they will try to rubbish it, assuming they don't totally ignore it, which is the first line of defence. Nevertheless, the truth must be told.