Sunday, 3 August 2008

Like the Reichstag fire, only bigger

Seeing as US government agents seem to have just murdered a scientist who they're now blaming for the 2001 anthrax attacks, and it's come out that Dick Cheney wanted US Navy Seals to dress up as Iranians and fire on US ships, it's probably worth going back to the foundation myth of so much of this tyranny - the false flag attacks of 9-11. I know many people still refuse to look at the evidence or even consider the possibility, but time's moving on and living in denial is not only dangerouss, it's a moral abdication., so here's Alex Jones' latest documentary, covering the 9-11 Truth Movement.

Watch it while the internet is still free.


cisbio said...

It's a moral abdication..

Aw, that's not nice.

I could level the same insult to deniers of man-made climate change. Given the stakes, that's a far greater abdication, don't you think?

Actually, I know what you think!! :-)

You also know that I'm quite keen to consider the evidence -I'm watching Jones's film right now - I'm just not convinced by what I see.

So far, (30 mins) there is no ‘evidence’ presented –just some oik buzzing goons with a camera. Supposing there are Americans responsible for 9/11, they must be laughing about some kid hanging around David Rockefeller’s house moaning about the New World Order and flattering himself that he’s speaking truth to power. Why hasn’t this kid been suicided?

The truthers in this film strike me as self-reverential, self-congratulatory and trapped in a myopic US-centric worldview.

OK, this film isn't actually about 9/11 itself, I know. It's about the subsequent truth movement. These truthers need to understand that being viewed with contempt by those you are accusing of mass-murder or complicity therewith (without any real evidence) does not signify the guilt of said accused, only their contempt.

That said, their activism does appear to be energetic. It's a shame it's not directed toward a worthwhile goal -that is, a goal that might actually benefit US citizens -to say nothing of actual victims of current US policy abroad, which number in the hundreds of thousands.

BTW, little joe has now embraced the conspiracy rationale, but it's not quite the same as his opinions aren't so incisive as yours:-(


cisbio said...

OK, the babes on the beach have convinced me!

Trooper Thompson said...

The documentary is about the Truth Movement, and about the plight of the first responders. It's not so much about the facts of 9-11.

As for people in other countries, nobody is trying harder to raise awareness about the neo-con death cult's desire to start another war with Iran than Alex Jones, the Truth Movement and people like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Barak Obama and John McCain are happy to go along, as is Nancy Pelosi and the mainstream democrats who took over Congress with a mandate to bring the troops home, and have done nothing.

The cause is most certainly worthwhile. Exposing the crimes of the Bush regime and the NWO is incredibly important. Using false flag terrorism is the number one weapon of tyrants in the past and today. If you can't deal with the scope of 9-11, why not start with something smaller - the probable murder of the doctor, who is now being blamed for the anthrax attacks, who supposedly took an overdose in hospital after being forcibly interned. The truth is out there if you want it, but don't wait too long. The internet won't be free much longer if the authorities have their way.

p.s. with some people, it's Building 7, with others it's all the drills which hamstrung the military's defence, and with others still all it takes is a few babes in bikinis.

cisbio said...

Let us listen to the sage words of our dear and glorious leader.

(and spot his deliberate mistake)