Sunday, 3 August 2008

More '80s retro: Russia's the bad guy again

In the face of no real threat, why not resurrect an old one? Having seen their plans for One Europe temporarily thwarted by the people of Ireland, the European Council on Foreign Relations is hoping that fear of Russia will work better than rational debate, in convincing the recalcitrant Europeans that we need to be ruled by people like them.

Of course we don't. We need more democracy, more individual and national sovereignty, and less corporate-run globalisation.



alison said...

Hey, hope you're having a good weekend.

Don't you think Russia play the fear game too? I think they're all at. With us as pawns.

Trooper Thompson said...

I dare say they do, and at the moment they are ramping up their defenses, running bombing drills etc. They would no doubt point at the US plans for basing new missile defence installations in Central/Eastern Europe, and a number of other things and say 'the US started it'.

In any case the European Council on Foreign Relations has a particular agenda, and so whatever they talk about, it is in order to push this agenda.

Outside of this particular article, there are many rumblings about Russia, such as about BP's joint venture TNK-BP, and the Don Corleone-style negotiating strategy of the Russians involved, and the killing of Litvinenko. (With regard to the latter, I note that one is allowed to speculate over possible secret service murders without being dismissed as a 'conspiracy theorist', but only when Russia is supposedly involved)