Friday, 12 December 2008

No means No, Barroso

The Irish voters, having kicked the Lisbon Treaty AKA the EU Constitution in the gonads by voting NO in the referendum, are now to be forced into another referendum in the hope that this time the people will give the answer their putative masters demand.

Come on Ireland, have some pride, stick to your guns, stand up for democracy and national sovereignty, and tell Barosso and his gang of corporatist truffle-pigs to sod off.

Head of Legal's blog calls it straight:

"Everyone in Europe knows that a Yes vote wouldn't have led to a re-run; the Spanish were never asked to vote again after they said yes to the Constitution (which everyone in Europe knows is the same as Lisbon). Everyone in Europe knows that the heads of government and the Commission dare not ask France and Holland to vote again. And everyone in Europe knows that this is an attempt to bully Ireland that shows contempt for its democracy and constitution and that will be backed by dark threats of being thrown out of the EU (which again, everyone knows France would never be threatened with)"

(Hat tip to Jon Worth for the above link) (pic)

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