Friday, 27 February 2009

Jack Straw: delusional Stasi cocksucker

In today's Guardian, Jack Straw, minister for the prevention of justice, tells us:

"On any objective basis, this government has done more to reinforce and strengthen liberty than any since the war." This from a government which has the DNA of over half a million innocent children stored in its criminal database, and hands over suspects for rendition to torture camps.

In order to justify his ludicrous views, he creates a straw man to knock down - namely that 'there was no golden age of liberty'. Sadly, the extent of New Labour's control-freakism makes the1980s under Thatcher, or indeed any preceding time, look like a golden age.

You're not kidding anyone, Jack, so take your ID card, DNA database and warrantless searches and fuck off.


cisbio said...

shouldn't you be toiling away for the Man?

Trooper Thompson said...

I probably was by the time you asked the question.