Friday, 27 February 2009

The final push for world government

Great little YouTube vid from Aenfroy87 - Much Respect, brother.


cisbio said...

That's the beauty of the NWO conspiracy theory - anything and everything can be thrown in there.

It's like anew religion - to believe it is to understand EVERYTHING - and no real evidence is required, only faith. (+moody music)

I think the actually-existing situation is far more complicated and far more scary.

One world currency? Haven't we had that for a while? What is a global reserve currency if not that, with all the disadvantages and none of the advantages. One may reasonably assume that a REAL global currency would lead to true overarching global governance. But is that necessarily true? Is not the opposite just as likely?

just a thought. you can shoot me down if you like.

btw have a gander at this: worth a pause for thought

Trooper Thompson said...

You want evidence, look in the papers. It's not hidden, they're openly talking about setting up a world central bank, which is key to a world government. The actual-existing situation is indeed complicated and scary. For two things, Mexico's close to total collapse into narco-state anarchy, and Israel is gagging to strike Iran (they're already waging covert war). If Israel attacks Iran, and China and Russia back Iran we could be facing a world war.

The dollar has been a kind of world currency but countries could set their own exchange rates with it. The problem is that the dollar has been over-printed and is heading for a major correction.

A REAL global currency only needs for exchange rates to be fixed (by a world bank). If you look at the Eurozone, you can see that currency union means that the individual countries have given up their sovereignty in monetary policy, so the one-size-fits-all policy is going to suit Germany (for instance) better than Greece.

Anyway, the point is, don't look for conspiracy theories, the elements of the New World Order are clearly visible.