Thursday, 26 February 2009

An unschooler speaks

As we used to say in my old school: "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

In this case between a defender of home schooling (good) against a bootlicking, state-worshipping school teacher (evil) who wants to regulate parents, in order, one surmises, to drag home-schooled children down to the cesspit-level of the bog-standard comprehensive.

Bishop Hill has done a good job picking through the deranged thinking of the evil David Semple, but the garland must go to one commenter, 'Unschooler', on the thread who says:

"Without corporal punishment teachers must resort to more underhand methods of manipulation and punishment to create the semblance of learning. This is making them depressed and angry. I would be upset too if I were systematically ignoring the human rights of those in my care. Like freedom of thought, freedom of association… and all the while pretending to myself that I’m doing the right thing.

School education is unwanted. It doesn’t work. It never did. It cannot be fixed. Neither can any other form of coercion in learning.

Home educating families are creating the future. So hands off! Leave them alone! OK?"

Well said, Unschooler. (Hat tip: Devil's Kitchen)

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