Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fluoride to be added to water despite public outcry

The sham of public consultations has been exposed again, as an overwhelming number of respondents rejected the so-called Health Authority's plan to fluoridate the water in Southampton, only for the plan to continue towards implementation. According to the Guardian:

'Elizabeth McDonagh, chair of the National Pure Water Association, said it was considering possible legal action against the scheme in Southampton. She accused the health authorities of "blatantly promoting" fluoridation during the three-month consultation on the plan. Yet still 78% of more than 10,000 responses were against the proposal and a phone poll of 2000 people had shown more people were against the idea than for it.

"In the face of such opposition, the unanimous vote of the authority to fluoridate is a disgrace which shows from the beginning the consultation was a sham and a waste of public money," she said.'

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