Sunday, 1 March 2009

The prisoner

Under the current UK regime, England has become a police state with surveillance far above anything dreamed of in the communist-era East Germany.

This partly explains why the courts couldn't care less about locking up dangerous criminals, because we are all seen as the same, and once the panopticon grid is in place, the whole country will be a prison.

Jack Straw wants us to think such talk is 'daft'. Either he is absolutely clueless when it comes to the actions of the government he represents, or he is a lying, fascist piece of trash. I go for the latter.


alison said...

We conducted some tests on advertising groups recently measuring their emotional response to adverts and trailers instead of just what they told us they thought they felt. To do this, myself as a guinea pig included, they wired up our fingers palms, heart rates breathing with little pads. I asked where they got the techniques from and was told they were methods fine tuned from techniques the Stasi used. No kidding. And this will be standard advertising testing in future. Im more scared of corporations than government as governments are stupid.

Trooper Thompson said...

you speak sense, but who do you think runs the governments? Look at Obama's treasury team - straight off Wall Street. Who wrote the FDA's policy on GM food? the lawyer from Monsanto (in the news here:)

You are right to fear the corporations. Insurance companies know more about us than MI5, and corporations can use the power of coercion just the same as authoritarian governments, and in the blink of an eye the two can become one. It's not for nothing that Mussolini said that fascism could be better described as corporatism.

Thanks for the comment.