Sunday, 26 April 2009

Gurkhas told no room at the inn

The shabby treatment routinely meted out to ex-servicemen is a shame on this nation, especially at the hands of a government that is so willing to send them into harm's way.

As reported by AFP:

"Immigration Minister Phil Woolas denied campaigners' claims that the British government had betrayed the Gurkhas."What we've done today is to allow even more people in without setting a precedent that would create a massive pressure in my view on the immigration service, which I don't think the public would want me to grant," he told BBC television."

Utter rot.

It is indeed the case that the public are not generally keen on large-scale immigration, but I am certain that this does not apply in the case of the Gurkhas, who have long been held in high regard for their service to the country's armed forces. The public's view, I am sure is this:

You've let in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, including convicted criminals, people-traffickers, and hardcore fundamentalists - what the fuck's you're problem with the Gurkhas?

Let them in, you shameful bunch of wankers.

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