Sunday, 26 April 2009

Short of cash? Why not become a police informant?

A disturbing report in the Guardian exposes the activities of the police with regard to climate protesters 'Plane Stupid', into which HM's Constabulary are inserting stipended informants. Much as intelligence gathering is a legitimate act, when wads of money start changing hands, lines become very blurred. For a start, informants will be pressurised to 'come up with the goods,' to tell the cops what they think they want to hear, or even to play the part of agents provocateurs. So participants beware! That fired-up young activist may be paying off his debts with your arse in a sling.

In the past, drug smugglers have enjoyed virtual immunity from prosecution by subsidising their stock-in-trade with setting up fall guys for the customs men. Indeed, although I cannot recall the source, I remember reading that if the police and customs had arrested their informants, they would have shut down about 90% of the heroin imports to the UK!

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