Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Bank of England seeks more power

Owning the British government, and being able to print as much money as she pleases isn't enough for the cankered Whore of Threadneedle Street. She craves still more power. Likewise, her infernal sister in America makes the same demand. So reports the BBC:

"The US central bank, the Federal Reserve, will be given the authority to monitor major financial institutions."

The Federal Reserve, a private institution owned and controlled by the Wall Street banking cartel given authority to monitor its owners! And this is represented as a policy of Obama, when it was called for by the then NY Fed boss, now Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner a year ago, straight after he left the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA.

What the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve need is not more power, but to be dragged into the light. Central bankers are the authors of the current world crisis - a criminal cadre of monopoly capitalists. They sit atop a pyramid of human misery and pronounce it good. They must be smashed.

In America, the people are beginning to rise against the unconstitutional oligopoly of the Fed. The spirit of Andrew Jackson is stirring - the President who stated his finest achievement thus: 'I killed the Bank'.

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