Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tripping down memory lane

Seeing as my fellow blogger has been recollecting the heady days of yesteryear, I thought I'd follow suit with this golden oldie.

The Rave Era was a great time to be alive. Although much of it was chemically-induced, there was, for a brief moment, a spirit of togetherness. A lot of negative attitudes and factionalism got put aside, or at least they were lost in the euphoria of the drug experience. There were risks, and those risks bound you close to the friends you shared them with.

It couldn't last. There would always have to be a come-down. Laws were enacted. Cocaine started trickling, then pouring into the country, changing the vibe, bringing back the ego with a vengeance. The unity fractured, the dreadlocked hippies going one way and the smart set the other. The bouncer-enfored dress code returned.

Still, I'll always remember walking out from a warehouse party into the morning sunlight through a gauntlet of coppers, thinking: 'this is Rock 'n' Roll'.

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