Sunday, 22 November 2009

Business as usual for the Climate Cult

Professor Bob 'walking carbon sink' Watson

Act natural! That's the key for the crooked pseudo-scientists of the Climate Cult. So we have 'Professor' Bob Watson holding the perforated line, trying to convince the public to sit down and let the experts sort everything out, (and please don't read the leaked emails where we say it's all a fucking lie, and how we've tried to blacklist scientists who won't toe the line).

Watson and the friendly Guardian hack go through the obfuscation playbook. He blames the sceptics (you know the real scientists, not those lying frauds Watson cites), he blames the oil companies (like BP, I suppose, whose boss helped design the 'cap and trade' system) and they drag in GW Bush for a bit of guilt by association. But you know what? It ain't working, buddy. We know you're a bunch of liars because we have your own documents now, so fuck you, Watson.


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How dare you chuckle. It's people like you who are killing the polar bears.