Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Daily Sneer


BTS said...

But to be fair, she probably wouldn't get much selling her..

I think I'll just leave that one there..

Trooper Thompson said...

I think you should.

alison said...

Awesome post

I'll never ever forget your quip on ATW to wothisname about the Mail. I laughed like a kid!

I only found out recently that the DM editor is best BEST buddies with Gordon Brown. Sigh.

BTW Norman Tebbit gave me a shout out on his blog today! It was very sweet.

Trooper Thompson said...

Merci, t'es trop gentille.

My quip? Remind me, please, if you don't mind flattering my ego.

Good old Norm. It makes a big difference when such people are approachable.

Bisous a toi! (Keep up the common sense!)

alison said...


Im coming round to your pov on everything as it goes..! Except a Constitution :D

You quoted someone - "a wave rose up and engulfed him.." I only wish I could recall it response to his wailing on and on about life and how only the Daily Mail could save us..

Hey btw this week in 1765 the British parliament passes the Stamp Act, a tax on American documents that ignited the revolution! Spooky eh given what's going on there.

Trooper Thompson said...

Excellent news, and we're probably closer than you'd guess, as I've gone cold on the written constitution thing, at least for us now.

Can you imagine what an abomination our politicians and pundits would make of it? I'm sure you can, so that plan's on hold, unless we can get your mate Norman to write it!

As for America, I hope that this terrible healthcare bill marks the point where the tide turns.

alison said...

That's exactly what scares the shit out of me. Who would write it, with what would end up like the Human Rights Act and we would be forever held to ransom. Plus the Constitution seems to be used to pervert as much as it wants to protect and because it is unflexible in that it is written down... issues go round and round in circles without resolve. And often the constitution itself is ignored.

My mate Norman is in danger of being forced out of the Lords by the current move from Jack Straw to make the House of Lords electable. Labour are determined to corrupt what was a noble institution. I fear the worst.

If only her Majesty's position had not been so watered down in the name of "democracy". She could step in and stop it all. It's so sad.

Trooper Thompson said...

Hmm. Inflexibility is not itself a problem, as long as it is written wisely, as the US Constitution was. It contains a mechanism for its amendment, the Bill of Rights being the first ten, all of which strengthen the limitations on the national government.

We do have a Constitution, founded on good principles, but, like in the United States, it is ignored and violated, often in the name of democracy, as you point out. As Jefferson said; 'democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for supper' (or something like that). Constitutionally, neither we nor America should be democracies, in the proper sense of the word. Sure enough, the name of democracy is always invoked when the government wishes to violate our rights, but both our country's systems of law (coming from the same origin) natural law principles, that we as individuals have rights that are not granted by the government, but rather are inalienable. It matters not a jot that such things as natural rights cannot be proven by science. Just as history rests on a foundation of legend, reason rests on a foundation of presupposition, and it must ever be the case. If we don't accept that one plus one equals two, we'll never count to ten.

As for the Queen, I wish we knew more about the Privy Council and how the royal authority is exercised. The whole question of where the monarch sits in the government of this country has purposefully been made obscure over the last century. Now everything is veiled. We see only shadows on the wall.

Trooper Thompson said...

Syntax a bit messed up above, should read;

"both our countries' systems of law (coming from the same origin) are based on natural law principles, that we as individuals have rights that are not granted by the government, but rather are inalienable."

alison said...

Brilliantly put! I totally agree

Im going to quote you in a post on this soon :)

Trooper Thompson said...

Feel free.