Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Degenerate control-freak scum

Lying through her crooked mouth for all she's worth (tuppence ha'penny at most) degenerate control-freak scum Home Office minister Meg Hillier recites government mantra on the hated ID cards and the concomitant database, with a new twist of unparodiable cunt-waffle, namely that the hated ID cards will 'help fight social exclusion'. Really? Yes, the hated ID cards will 'help fight social exclusion'. Right... how so?

Well, some people can't afford passports you see, and the hated ID cards are only £30, whereas a passport costs £77.50 since 2009, up from £72 in 2007, £66 in 2006, £51 in 2005, £42 in 2003, £33 in 2002, £28 in 1999, £21 in 1998 and £18 in 1997, when her degenerate control-freak party came to power.

Meg's logic it is clear to see who is responsible for the social exclusion: her greedy, thieving friends in the Fabian Labour Party.

I will leave the refutation of the rest of Meg's lies to the comment string on the article, which take her argument apart atom by atom.

Hat tip: Big Brother Watch


BTS said...

Just how many of the comments did she read before she started sobbing into her gin..?

Or did she merely she just call us all a bunch of ignorant proles whilst cackling into her gin..?

Another on of life's little mystries I guess..

Trooper Thompson said...

I think it would prick her vanity,but I doubt it could correct her error.

I wonder if the commenters consider themselves 'progressive'?

BTS said...

More like 'sane' I reckon.

I couldn't help but get the feeling that the site was set up as a trap for stupid mps to walk their fat gobs straight into.

Or possibly she just picked a bad day..

Trooper Thompson said...

Shame it's not a real trap with steel jaws chained to a millstone pushed down a well...