Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fuck Power 2010

This is not a particularly well-considered post, but - hey! It's my blog, I'll say what I like.

Power 2010 are getting on my wick. They send me an email in the style of a western wanted poster, requesting me to snitch on MPs who are committing 'crimes against democracy'. Then I visit their website, and they're crowing about how the bishops are being bombarded by their sans cullottes minions to support the idea of an elected second chamber.

Sneaking into the Power 2010 message are little clues as to who is running this show. They demand the bishops agree that "legislation is scrutinised for its impact on the most vulnerable in society - not primarily the rich and powerful" - as if the bishops, or indeed the House of Lords, actively do the latter and refuse the former, and anyway I don't remember this being mentioned at the time of their voting on policies. Not that I have anything against the most vulnerable, but it sounds like a socialist code-word for something nasty and big-state. Also they're snidey about what they're doing, because the email to the bishops says one thing and behind their backs Power 2010 are saying something else - namely that the bishops in the House are 'relics of a bygone era'. This much is true, but I can't help thinking that the bygone era was a lot freer than one ruled by the mindless jacobinism of Power 2010.

It's like democracy for democracy's sake. I want my freedom. Unbridled democracy represents a massive threat to freedom. I don't give a flying fuck what 51% of the people (who expressed a preference) think I should do in my private life with my private property.

I do believe in democracy, but it is only one leg of a stool, the others being limited government and national sovereignty. Without these other two, its worthless at best. Much as the Lords are an anachronism, they have served this country better than the scumbags in the Commons these last few years, and if those same scumbags are going to get rid of them and fashion a replacement that is to their liking, I suspect it will be worse than what we now have.

Just take a look at some of the wankers that have been shuffled up to the House of Lords from the other place - talk about lowering the tone. Bring back the hereditaries, at least they knew what the second chamber was for - it ain't for rubber stamping whatever crap the government dreams up. This isn't a principled argument from me, purely pragmatic, based on what has gone on in recent times.

Besides anything else, the idea of Power 2010's five pledges is stupid. Just because someone agrees with one of them, doesn't mean they agree with the others, and as long as someone disagrees with any one of them, they cannot support the campaign.


Anonymous said...

I agree; the hereditary peers must be restored ASAP. The socialist drivel of New Labour (and movements like Power2010) must be stopped.

Trooper Thompson said...

I'd like them back too. Power 2010 is some kind of front org for the 'progressive' types, I reckon, and their pushing of the House of Lords reform seems like they're in cahoots with the New Labour fabian control freak scum.