Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Justice Collins: what a cunt

Lord Justice Collins, laughing in the face of the public

Thanks a fucking bunch, Lord Justice Collins, for helping a Congolese rapist to stay in our country. What a good day's work for you that was. It's a difficult job, trying to bring down the judiciary to even lower depths of public hatred and disgust, but you managed it. From your position of power you looked down and said; 'It's difficult to have any sympathy' for the raping monster, BUT YOU TRIED, DIDN'T YOU? And you succeeded. So now, thanks to you - and let's be fair - thanks to all of your cocksucking, scat-munching, paedo-loving, rapist-enabling pals in the legal profession, who get rich on our money, we've got one more rapist running around attacking our women.

On your head be it, you fucking piece of rancid shit.


alison said...

This cunt has a track record of crap decisions.

This one made my blood run cold. I don't feel safe here anymore.

By the way you may enjoy this, Tebbit writes there


Trooper Thompson said...

Cool site. Tebbit's piece is spot on.