Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tractor Production Up; chocolate ration sure to rise

Collectivist Praxis of the Oligarchical Kind.

"We are going to lie and say that you actually have a say in matters, we are all going to put forward slightly different points of policy, that will brainwash you into thinking that you actually make a difference, whilst all the while sucking up to our EU overlords and making sure you don't find out, because otherwise we might end up on a gibbet swinging by our necks and in the meantime we are going to make all the other parties look like extremists so that our status quo is maintained as a rubber stamp operation for the EU Laws made by the unelected oligarchs in Brussels influenced by the Bilderberg overlords."

Words stolen from Henry North London. N.B. The reality's even worse! (HT Eugenides)

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