Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pavlovian term of the day: 'radical'

Radical is good - if you're a naif lefty. So no surprise that the red-tinged wing of the LibLabCon is calling for a 'radical fourth term'. This made me scoff - 'I bet they were calling for a "radical third term" last time', and sure enough, minimal research turns up numerous references from around the time of the last election, such as Ed Balls, calling for a 'radical third term', back in 2004, building on their record :

"Britain needs a radical and united Labour government elected for a third term. We are the only political party that understands the challenges of globalisation and that Britain's future is part of a reformed Europe. We are the only party that is committed to investing and reforming our public services and which can combine enterprise and social justice with a reformed welfare state."

"And no Labour government has ever had the opportunity we now have. Because every other Labour government at this stage in its history was already grappling with economic crises."

Ed need not have been concerned with regard to his latter point. The inevitable economic crisis arrived during the Labour third term.

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