Saturday, 3 April 2010

British politicians; take heed, your master is calling you

Herman; politician or cure for insomnia?
Herman 'damp rag' Rompuy, our beloved President (all hail his Imperial Majesty) has spoken, and British politicians should listen up and do what they're told:

"It is the job of British politicians to convince their population... People are keen to believe in something and hope. Of course, you can always invent 30 arguments to demolish all this, but when I talk to people [and] … speak in the language of hope, stressing not just the problems and challenges but also what we have achieved, then there is relief."

Well, Mr President, firstly it is not the job of British politicians to convince me of anything, and they couldn't if they tried. Their job is to do what we want, or get kicked the fuck out of power. Secondly, I don't have to invent arguments, I just have to hold up a photograph of your face and ask punters 'who is this man?', followed by 'do you realise he's your President?', to establish that you have NO MANDATE to do anything this side of the Channel, and thirdly the only relief I derive from your speeches is when you shut the fuck up at the end of them.

(pic: Geoff Pugh)


James Higham said...

People will focus on the faux election and meanwhile, Brussels has a field day.

Trooper Thompson said...

Very True.