Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tony Blair: neighbour from Hell

All you idiot lefties should take a look at Tony Blair and realise how you were scammed. This man claimed to represent the poor and the down-trodden, and you supported him and are getting ready to support his disgusting party again in the coming election. Meanwhile he's become a multi-millionaire, getting paid back for being a good little Bilderberger when he was in power.

And yet, for all his millions, we the taxpayers are still expected to pay his security bill, some £6 Million per year! Here's my suggestion for cutting that bill whilst still keeping him secure - put the fucker in jail. Take your pick of crimes; the lies about weapons of mass destruction, complicity in Dr Kelly's murder, selling peerages etc.


paulo said...

Couldn't he just be taken for a walk in the woods like Dr Kelly, security free?


Trooper Thompson said...

We shouldn't sink to their level.