Saturday, 3 April 2010

The unbearable cuntness of our nazified school system

Via Corrugated Soundbite, the execrable Diane Abbot rap, pausing at the Express story on politicising the school curriculum, I come to the diabolical 'Education for Citizenship' website, a monstrous, hitlerian programme for indoctrinating school children into the New World Order's vision of the future. I recommend readers to browse amongst the pages to understand how deeply propagandised every facet of the school curriculum has become.

Children are no longer expected to learn even how to add up or subtract without a brain-washing subtext:

"Mainstreaming antidiscrimination in the maths curriculum can address the needs of all pupils by helping them to question values, have a truer understanding of the worldwide sources and application of maths and gain true equality of access to the curriculum."

They can't do PE without the Commissars stamping their mark:

"Gender equality is an important issue in PE. The subject can provide opportunities for pupils to learn about and discuss issues of discrimination in sport both locally and nationally."

Science is fucked:

"Biology as a subject can help pupils explore these rights through the Human Genome Project which was set out to safeguard human rights."

History is reduced to the Holocaust, the slave trade and the suffragettes. Geography is just another platform for the UN;

"Human rights are the rights we all hold in common as expressed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Geography as a subject can encourage investigations on issues relevant to the exploration of human rights issues. Looking at population movements in developing countries is one way of doing this."

It goes on and on. This is not just deluded, left-wing scum in Scotland. The same agenda is to be found throughout the world, and is linked to Unicef and Agenda 21. That is why it should be seen in a global context. The enemies of free humanity are very clear in what they intend to do, and they're doing it. Until further notice, parents must try to get their kids out of these political indoctrination prison stations (or state schools as they're more usually called), and if they can't do that for whatever reason, they must take steps to neutralise the brain-washing. Otherwise, don't be surprised when your kids turn on you and denounce you, because that's what has always happened in the past when the same methods have been employed.

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