Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Miliband confidential

Holding my nose, I visit the campaign site for David Miliband, would-be leader of the Fabian Collectivist Control-Freak Nightmare Party, or whatever it calls itself. Navigating past the terrifying headline 'Leading Labour to Power' - of the unbridled kind - I learn some interesting things, like - wow - he went to a state comprehensive. Yeah Dave, we know your dad was a commie. Football team? Arsenal. Great. Favourite book? Interesting window into the mind of a man who desires power over us all, what will he say?

'The Gruffalo'. Now, I've got nothing against 'The Gruffalo', but for fuck's sake, Mr Miliband, you're supposed to be an adult. Still, at least he didn't tell us whether it's boxers or briefs.


James Higham said...

Know thy enemy.

Trooper Thompson said...

Know thine enemy, old bean!