Sunday, 13 June 2010

The stuff of nightmares

If you're sitting comfortably, and you've checked the doors are locked, you might dare to watch the old classic 'Dead of Night'. This is a favourite of mine. I remember my sister and I being scared as children, especially by the mirror episode, so our dad let us stay up as long as the funny golfing story, and then sent us to bed - just as well - before the ventriloquist's dummy makes an appearance.

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Mrs Rigby said...

Errm, no thanks, not at this time of night!

Leg-iron said...


I had to watch it all. I remember it from many years ago and it's still brilliant.

Trooper Thompson said...

Apologies to you Leg Iron. You may be interested to learn what led me to posting it. Eric Idle in the RWT clip below mentions Googie Withers, which struck a bell with me, as I remembered that she is in 'Dead of Night'. Now, who was it that had got me watching all the RWT clips, eh? I think you know!

Mrs Rigsby, probably a wise choice.

Leg-iron said...

No apology necessary, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the smoking.