Sunday, 22 August 2010

The anonymous truth

Over at Mark Wadsworth's blog he covers the reported handbags between Georgie Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith over the latter's welfare reform plans. This elicited the following comment, which I think sums up very well one of the key problems with welfarism:

"The current welfare system is seriously flawed and provides virtually no incentive to try and pay your way. My son was made redundant, he has a partner and a child. He believes in working but due to the lack of jobs could only find part time work, minimum wage and minimum 16 hrs / week but sometimes more. Variable income makes claiming benefits a nightmare. 16 hours means he is better off by £22 per week. 20 hours equates to £26 per week. 30 hours means he is better off not working!!

The system stinks."

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