Saturday, 4 September 2010

Aluminium in baby milk. Doctor: "we've known for years"

From the Mail:
Traces of the metal in milk from some of the UK's leading products were found to be much higher than is legally allowed in water, according to scientists.

One formula made by Cow & Gate – specifically marketed for premature babies – had the highest level of all, with more than 800 micrograms per litre.

European law states water can contain no more than 200 micrograms of aluminium per litre. Chemist Dr Chris Exley, who led the study at Keele University, Staffordshire, said: 'We've known about the high aluminium content in infant formula for many years and there is evidence to show it is potentially quite dangerous.

It has been linked to neurological diseases and bone defects in later life and there are even links with dementia. [...]

Dr Exley, whose team tested 16 of the UK's leading formula milk brands for children up to the age of one, said: 'It is concerning, especially when the product with the highest level of aluminium we found was aimed at premature babies, who are likely to be the most vulnerable of all. It is really shocking.
I know there are scare stories virtually every day, and you could worry yourself to death if you took them all seriously, but, according to this doctor, this has been known about for years, and it doesn't seem that anything is going to be done to address this issue. I guess the legions of do-gooders are too busy confiscating jam sandwiches out of children's lunchboxes, and sending letters to healthy children telling them they're obese and going to die of diabetes. If it doesn't involve bossing the rest of us about, they're clearly not interested.

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