Saturday, 4 September 2010

Those evil gringos

If you're an American and you're bothered about the wide-open border with failed narco-state Mexico, you're likely to be denounced as a racist by your president and the federal government. If you're a sheriff down near the border, don't expect any help, but if you're lucky, the feds will erect some signs to warn citizens not to enter certain areas, as they have been effectively abandoned to the cartels.

Meanwhile Robert Rodriguez is releasing 'Machete', a movie likely to do for la Raza what 'Birth of a Nation' did for the Klan, playing out like a cinematic Plan of San Diego. It's all good clean fun, I'm sure, stoking up a race war.

Two things before all others are necessary; firstly to secure the border, and secondly to end the ruinous drug war, which only benefits the violent criminal gangs, including those within the governments of America and Mexico.


Angry Exile said...

They could cripple the cartels almost overnight simply by legalising the fucking stuff but as you say too many, including inside governments, prefer the status quo. And since they're not the ones getting shot there's not much incentive to change anything.

Trooper Thompson said...

There is a great deal of evidence that the drug trade provides the off-balance-sheet funds for covert operations, and I don't think it's a coincidence that heroin production has gone through the roof since the professionals landed in Afghanistan.

If you consider alcohol prohibition in the USA, the last thing the gangsters wanted was legalisation.