Sunday, 5 September 2010

What's this? Labour crooks call for truth? Irony overload

Talk about death bed confession. After more than a decade of lies and corruption, New Labour's Prescott is apparently furious at the Met's failure to investigate allegations of News of the Screws hacking his phone, and is calling for truth.

According to the Graun:
Prescott said the letter showed there was "a compelling argument to reopen the police investigation and fully report on the findings to the public".

He added that he was pressing for full disclosure of all documents – including the invoices – and was prepared to seek their release through a judicial review. "We need far greater transparency to ensure not only that justice is done but that it is seen to be done."

Prescott was of course exposed for fucking his secretary, something he cannot help alluding to with a sly grin whenever given the chance.

Here's the news flash, John. On behalf of the public, for whom I am the self-appointed spokesman, we don't care. There are plenty of crimes from the New Labour era that warrant investigation and many documents which should be fully disclosed. Prescott's government was built on lies and spin, indeed it prided itself on media manipulation. Leaving aside the war crimes and cash for honours, we could focus on Mandelson's relationship with Deripaska, which reeks like Billingsgate during a binmen strike.

It's late. I will say no more for now.

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