Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Fabian Wolf amongst the Tory Sheeple

Wandering over to Roger Helmer's blog via the happy Frog (whose smiling face always cheers me up) I discover this post entitled; 'Remind me which Party we belong to?', where I learn of a fringe event at the Tory conference sponsored by one of my particular bete noirs, the despicable Fabian Society. Although they've toned down their policies since the 1930s, when famous Fabians like George Bernard Shaw (whose works the Fabian acolytes pray to in the notorious stained glass window) called for disabled people to be gassed, and lauded any crackpot dictator to the skies (the Webbs used to have an altar with Lenin's picture on it), their underlying agenda remains no doubt the same: scientific tyranny ruled over by a cadre of cold-blooded psychopaths. I expect they would phrase it slightly differently.

Nevertheless, what the F are they doing at the Tory conference? Apparently running an event about that most cloying of words: fairness. Ooh, doesn't it just drip poisoned honey. Roger, who seems to be trying to summon the moral fortitude to leave his traitorous Party, which I encourage him most strongly to do, has this to say:
So what’s wrong with fairness? Surely we all believe in fairness, along with cream teas and roast beef? But the trouble is that “fairness” is one of those weasel words, a trap set by the mendacious to confuse the unwary. I believe in fairness, by which I mean the right of everyone to opportunity, to making the most of their lives, and to selling their labour on a free market to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, what doctrinaire socialists (like the Fabian Society and Vince Cable) mean by “fairness” is quite different. They mean social engineering, they mean creating dependency, they mean excessive welfare, and disincentives to work. They also mean redistributive tax policies and soaking the rich. I don’t like that kind of “fairness”, because it means damaging the life chances of millions; promoting fecklessness; and damaging our national growth prospects. Above all, I don’t like that style of fairness because – well – it isn’t fair.


James Higham said...

Fabians are like a virus.

Trooper Thompson said...

A retrovirus

The Boiling Frog said...

Ah thanks for the link TT, I'm pleased to hear that my happy face cheers you up

Trooper Thompson said...

Yeh! That's the cheery fella!