Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I was planning to ignore that person who's just taken over that party for as long as possible. For one thing, because I feel I should move away from expletive-laden posts, and try to be a bit more erudite. So, with no promises on the future, I will cover this little snippet without the use of the F word, the C work, the W word or any reference to coprophagia.
Ed Miliband, giving his first speech to the Labour party conference on 28 September 2010, said of civil liberties, "too often we seemed casual about them".

"I won't let the Tories or the Liberals take ownership of the British tradition of liberty," he said. "I want our party to reclaim that tradition."

I beg to differ. You were never 'casual' about civil liberties. You destroyed them for ideological reasons. You rejected them a priori, due to your belief in the state as God. As for the second quote, you can't reclaim something that you never owned. What would you do with it, if you ever got hold of it, Ed? I know! You'd redefine it. Suddenly liberty wouldn't mean freedom of speech but 'freedom' not to be offended. It wouldn't mean the right to private property, but the 'right' to a big daddy state to look after you, take everything from you and give you pocket money.

Let us hope that Ed Miliband will lead his economicidal gang of fascists and dreamers to the desert of oblivion. Meanwhile, let us not forget that the decapitated state monster has grown another head and is girding itself to make war on what's left of our freedom and prosperity, and we have little time to waste in schadenfreude.

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