Saturday, 18 September 2010

To my international readers

Ever since discovering the stats tab (courtesy of Mark Wadsworth making the same discovery), I have taken an interest in the viewing figures for this blog, which are not huge, by any means, but certainly spread across the globe. You are all very much welcome, as are, of course, those of you more closer to home. It shows, even with my lonesome blogstead, how the internet has revolutionised communication between the people of this planet.

Feel free to comment, as it's often only in receiving comments and responding to them that any particular subject gets more than a cursory mention, and for all of you who have arrived here, due to certain derogatory remarks I have made towards Barroso appearing in google searches and have left disappointed, may I tentatively suggest you seek psychiatric help.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link! What puzzles me is that Google/Blogger didn't advertise this more.

Trooper Thompson said...

I couldn't say. For all I know, it's always been there!