Sunday, 10 October 2010

EHRC report: the longest suicide note in history?

Maybe it's just a cry for help, but if the government wasn't so craven about such matters, it would put the quango out of its misery. Apparently the nation's still terribly unequal, after all the reams of regulations and laws implemented by the social engineers in the name of 'fairness' (that fucking word again). Hmm, it's kind of like YOU FAILED by your own measures.

Of course, it's not really very certain what these good-intentioned hell-bound road-pavers expected to happen. Were all the stats supposed to come up equal? Split everybody up into a thousand different categories, and compare each category on a thousand different criteria, and, if society is 'fair' (that fucking word again) they'll all come up equal, and the exact same proportion of wheelchair-bound Chinese homosexuals will be found amongst High Court judges as are convicted for serious crimes, as are stopped and searched by the police, as are CEOs of City financial institutions. That would be one frozen-over-hell of a coincidence, and I guess until Satan is skating across the lake of sulphur, we better keep all you equality pimps on the payroll, right?

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