Sunday, 10 October 2010

One for the Europhiles

Come on, all you EU federasts, come and defend the treatment of photographer Marianne Maekelbergh at the hands of Brussels police:
She was taken into police custody where she was violently dragged by her hair, chained to a radiator, hit, kicked, spat upon, called a whore, and threatened with sexual assault by the police. She also witnessed the torture of another prisoner also chained to a radiator.

This did not take place not in a dark corner of the police station but out in the open, directly witnessed by police station authorities, who gave the impression that this was standard practice. Police removed her ID card, USB stick, the camera with the photos on it, as well as 25 euros in cash – to date they have refused to return her property.

Tell me why I should welcome these uniformed thugs being given the power to come into my country, or why I should welcome the transfer of sovereignty from London to the institutions of Brussels.

(Hat tip - through clenched teeth - LibCon)

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