Sunday, 10 October 2010

Up against the wall; mother fucker

Is that a Spitting Image puppet? No, it's Andrew Marr, just another journalist having a go at the bloggers, for being rude and nasty and angry, and helping to push down the rotten door of the MSM. Fuck off Marr, and go do your job: brown-nosing politicians - you might get a scoop. Maybe Ned wants to share his vision, or the new shadow chancellor needs your advice on what tie to wear, or a good restaurant in Cambridge.

Hat tip: Witterings from Witney


Twisted Root said...

Yeah. The twitching corpse of the MSM.

Trooper Thompson said...

... and if you get close you can hear rattling in its throat as it summons the last of its strength to get out one last fucking lie.

BTW I was visiting your blog only moments ago. Good translation service.

cisbio said...

howdy chap,

methinks you doth protest too much ;-)

If I'd been the BBC news political editor for five years, I'd probably be a tad dismissive about yer average blogger- such as they are right now.

I wiki'ed him just now -he had been editor of a national paper -INdy- before he was our age dude.

His point I guess -sans caustic insults- is that most bloggers may as well be basement dwellers if one compares contact books.

I know, I know; to become political editor you have to brown-nose etc., but still -the book!

That, ultimately, is what you pays fer.(not that it does much good in the long run...)

That thing about balding was totally unnecessary the cunt

James Higham said...

Ha ha - just did one myself too. It would be nice to see him lose his job.

Trooper Thompson said...

Cisbio, the title was suggested by the photo, rather than a desire to put Marr in front of a firing squad.

Marr is nothing but an establishment shill, pushing propaganda for the state-controlled media quasi-monopoly, who owes his position to his political orthodoxy. He may well have some talent and drive, but what does he use it for? To inform the public? To uphold that essential role of a free press? No, to get into parties full of parasitical wankers, and flounce around like a minor-celeb.

I'm proud that I don't have a television, and not one penny of my money goes to feed the BBC dinosaur.

Smoking Hot said...

Wonder what he's worried about? :)

"It was revealed in The Independent on 28 June 2008 by Richard Ingrams, that Marr has gained a high court injunction preventing disclosure in the press of "private information". Unusually, permission had also been granted for the existence of the injunction not to be mentioned, and it was indeed not mentioned until Private Eye commented on it"

Nice blog ... added you to blogroll.

Trooper Thompson said...


interesting. I wonder what he's hiding? Ta for the link.

Anonymous said...

The link is here. THis pedant's problem is that he can't gag blog commentators.