Sunday, 21 November 2010

Cut the experts

It may be deja vue, but I'm sure I keep seeing the same news headlines: "Experts warn government cuts will threaten/damage/destroy ... " fill in the blanks with whatever you like. This one shamelessly invokes the murder of Damilola Taylor, which happened ten years ago this week, to send out the message of government callousness. That's right; cut a few public sector paper shufflers and children will die.

Who are all these experts? Can I be one? I'm sure I have expertise in something or other. There's no certificate or anything is there? So, I'll appoint myself. There's only one of me, of course, but if I stand in front of the mirror, there'll be two: and thus:

Experts warn government: 'Don't listen to so-called experts. They're on the fiddle in more ways than one.'

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