Sunday, 21 November 2010

You know the anti-smoking nazis have gone too far...

... when a Guardian columnist is had enough. Good on you, Victoria Coren.
Power corrupts; those who wanted the ban purely because they don't smoke themselves have got high on the victory, and now think it's acceptable to insult smokers openly and extend the veto outdoors for reasons of pure dislike, nothing to do with health.
Oh, and read the comment thread, and marvel and the depths of hatred of the rabid nazis. Learn how smoking within sight of a non-smoker is like masturbating in front of them, how smoking near somebody is like pissing over them, how they worship the state for protecting them from us.

Anti-smokers, you're beyond parody, and you're gonna die the same as us.

UPDATE: phew! This will restore sanity. Another Guardian columnist telling me that objecting to a security agent molesting children is a right-wing plot. Thank heavens the Graun is here to teach us tyranny is good.

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