Thursday, 11 November 2010

Judge sends threatening message to everyone

Today's appeal court ruling against Paul Chambers is yet another reason to despise the judiciary. The obvious fact that Mr Chambers was not serious is shown in the way the twitter message was treated. As the Register reported earlier:

At a [ ...] hearing before Doncaster Magistrates' Court he was convicted of sending a threatening message even after airport officials testified that his message was never taken as a credible threat and had no effect on the airport's operation ... The court also heard that a police officer handling Chambers case said bail was allowed because "there is no evidence at this stage this is anything other than a foolish comment posted on Twitter for only his close friends to see".

Clearly he did not send a threatening message and the conviction is absurd. So why has he been convicted? I suppose to send a message to everyone to shut up. The establishment hate us peasants having the freedom to communicate with each other, so they will pound this particular nut into dust with their legislative sledgehammer as a warning to others, to watch what we say, to self-sensor.

Via Dick Puddlecote's post on the same subject, I see this site, where I think you can contribute to the next kafkaesque episode of the trial.


banned said...

What a wretched country this has become, aside from the prosecution why did two employers sack him for this?

Trooper Thompson said...

I quite agree. Cowardly turds.