Saturday, 20 November 2010

Kennedy, Ventura and Marr

I watched Jesse Ventura's latest edition of 'Conspiracy Theory' today, which was very good, and as accurate as any documentary I've seen on the Kennedy assassination. It raised some very important points, which the interested can go away and research, such as L. Fletcher Prouty's work, the E. Howard Hunt involvement, the tie to Watergate and to George H.W. Bush, and Lee Harvey Oswald's spooky past. Jesse doesn't have to spend time winning me over, as I'm up to speed on these things, but it's good to boil it down for the American public.

Part 2; Part 3.

Then I notice this piece in the Telegraph; Andrex Marr's advert for his BBC programme, looking into the shady dealings on Kennedy's way to the Whitehouse. Again, I doubt there's much to surprise me. I just wonder what Marr's motive is? He says:

"If you are asking what has gone so wrong with modern politics, Kennedy’s 1960 election campaign is a good place to start."

Maybe so ... but I'm not asking that question, which seems to be a question only a naive person, lacking knowledge of History, would ask. Possibly this describes quite accurately the audience Marr the leftist Beebite is aiming at.

Anyway, there can only ever be one Jack:

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