Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Guthrum reminds us of a certain date...

After noting the PM's comments on the cricket (always good to chatter about trivialities, rather than the job in hand), Guthrum points out one item that has escaped mention:
'Tax Freedom Day' has lurched forward to May 30th this year. That is five whole months when you will work as a serf to the State your overlord and receive no reward for your labours.

This is undeniable evidence that the State is still growing. The Cameronian Conservative party has failed to check public spending, every morning another special interest group from the public sector is on the BBC predicting disaster for the country if they are not allowed to carry on sucking at the teat of the state. Cameron and 'fair and greener' Clegg are indulging in 'bread and circuses' politics whilst watching the State expand like a cancer.
Yes indeed.

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